Bee Removal in Hollywood Florida

Bee hives can be quite extensive. Although bees are integral to ecological balance, the site of bee hive in our residential or commercial property is irksome. Bee populations can be surprisingly huge, posing a risk to the health and safety of pets and kids, especially when you are unsure whether they are of the aggressive kind or not. So what is the next best thing to do when you spot a bee hive or swarm around your home? Well, the best step to take is to seek professional help for bee removal in Hollywood Florida.

Bee Removal in Hollywood

Although many bee species are harmless, some are aggressive and poisonous. If they infiltrate your property silently and you spot a swarm of bees around, you are almost certain that they have weaved a hive close by. You want to remove the hive safely so that you do not end up harming its inhabitants. What better way to do this than get professional help?

Professional Hollywood bee removal services are focused on:

  • Removing bees from your property without disturbing the nest
  • Relocating bee colonies and their components safely to their new home
  • Removing honey and nectar
  • Clearing the infested site of any stains
  • Preparing the site to prevent recurrence

Managed honey bee colonies are integral to agriculture, especially for pollination of plants. They support the livelihood of beekeepers in Florida. It is, therefore, critical that specialists are involved in bee removal Hollywood Florida to ensure the safe relocation of honey bees. A lot of labor is involved in their careful relocation.

Safe Bee Removal Hollywood vs. Relocation in Florida

Honey bees can be a big nuisance when they inhabit cavities in or around human dwellings, including roof, walls of homes, lawn debris, and/or water meter boxes. Bee colonies become problematic when honey bees pose a stinging threat to pets and humans.

Professionals securely open the cavity which bees inhabit. It could be the walls, foundation, or roof of your property. A professional Hollywood bee removal company is licensed and insured so that there isn’t too much of damage to your property.

It is up to the property owner to choose between live removal of bees and eradication of colonies. Although honey bees are integral to agriculture, it is not illegal to eradicate a nuisance honey bee colony. Sometimes the decision is made on grounds of public safety to eradicate a given colony. However, it is not always required to exterminate a bee colony, especially when licensed professionals can safely relocate them to a safe location, without exposing humans or pets to any risk from bees.

Relocation is the job of specialists, as it involves the removal of bees and combs from a specific unsafe site to a more desirable habitat. You should not try to remove bee hives on your own. Statistics reveal that about three-fourths of bee colonies swarm away immediately after removal from the previous site. This poses a serious risk to humans, animals, and nearby property, as these absconders could abscond to an undesirable location.

If you seek professional bee removal in Hollywood Florida, get in touch with Bee Removal South Florida today. We pride ourselves on our specialist Hollywood bee removal services.