Bee Removal in Naples

Whether you spot a beehive or swarm of bees in your dwelling or around your commercial property, you want to get rid of the nuisance, right? But it would be a mistake to do it yourself. You never know whether bees inhabiting the site are aggressive or not. If they are aggressive, they can cause more harm to kids and pets and spoil your property. Although most bee species do not sting unless provoked, you cannot simply take the chance.  Therefore, you need to hire experts for the task of Naples bee removal.

Bee Removal in Naples

If you decide to leave things as is and not do anything about the feral colony, you risk endangering yourself and potential damage to your property. Just because a colony seems, calm does not mean it is harmless. Bees become more defensive when they need to protect their nest. This necessitates the need to eradicate beehives as soon as they are spotted.

The need for bee removal in Naples Florida cannot be ignored, especially if

  • You want to prevent any potential risk of attack
  • You have a family member allergic to honey
  • There are kids and pets in the family that might end up disturbing beehives, which might provoke swarms of bees to attack

Honey bees may be harmless. However, their sharp stingers can instantly pierce human flesh, raising the risk of a serious allergic reaction. This could result in redness, itching, swelling, or breathing problems, depending on the severity of the allergy.

Safe Removal/Relocation of Bees

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services recommends the safe removal of honey bees nesting close to residential or commercial areas by trained, licensed, and insured Naples bee removal experts or registered beekeepers.

Additionally, swarms of bees could pose a threat to neighbors, mail delivery person, or even a guest. This could invite a lawsuit if a bee stings someone on your property, particularly if it is established that you were aware that a beehive exists.

It is, therefore, best to be on the safer side and hire specialists in bee removal in Naples Florida. Choose experts that have the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to safely remove and relocate beehives to a harmless location.

Get in touch with the best bee exterminator in Naples to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you have entrusted the job to the right hands. At Bee Removal South Florida, we understand the urgency to safely remove bee hives from your location. With a decade-long Naples bee removal experience, we are confident to do the job right the first time. We love our phones to buzz for bees, and our passion for bee removal clearly reflects in our bee removal Naples Florida services. Our experts understand the contribution of bees to the ecology and agriculture of Florida. The food chain could collapse if the bee population is under threat. So our focus remains on safe and intensive bee removal and relocation, without posing any threat to property inhabitants and neighbors.

If you are struggling with a bee problem in Naples, connect with us today.