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The eradication of wild bees is the safest way to control the swarming bee population around your property. But the law does not allow the killing of feral bee colonies. So what’s the best way out of the honey bee danger? Licensed pest control operators, with specialization in bee removal in Fort Lauderdale, can help in this situation. Experts focus on safe relocation of a bee colony, which involves removal of bees and combs from an unsafe location to a safer habitat, so as not to endanger the bee population, pets, and people.

Bees pose a serious risk to human health. Bee stings can be venomous. However, that does not mean you should use unsafe methods to remove bees. The use of unsafe bee removal can cause a danger to humans, pets, and the bee population. However, if you trust Fort Lauderdale bee removal services, you can get the guarantee of a safe relocation of honey bees. At Bee Control South Florida, we are bee removal experts, so you can trust us for:

  • Honey bee removal
  • Africanized Bee Removal
  • Hornet Removal
  • Hive removal
  • Wasp Removal
  • Yellow jacket removal

Heat can easily stress and agitate honey bees. There is a heat mechanism at work in honey bee combs. There is a need for proper ventilation and H2O evaporation in bee colonies, and the bees are excellent at doing this to cool themselves and their environment.

Relocation of Honey Bees

When relocating bee colonies, experts understand the need for controlling the heat production so as not to risk agitating bees. The idea is to transfer bees without combs and honey. It is equally important to provide adequate ventilation and not to cram a colony into a small space. Attention is paid when transferring the bee colony to a large container that allows for space between individual insects.

At Bee Control South Florida, Fort Lauderdale bee removal is a specialty. Let our bee removal specialists safely and efficiently handle your problem bee issues. If you spot a bee hive close to your locality, you are unsure whether you are dealing with aggressive or non-aggressive bees.

But we can make the task easier for you, as we have decades of experience and training in safe, effective bee removal. Our purpose is to relocate bee hives so that they do not pose a threat to you or your loved ones; however, we do not dismantle or destroy them. After safely removing bee hives from your location, we relocate them to a local beekeeper where they can be safely managed.

As Fort Lauderdale bee hive removal experts, we can extract bee hives from roofs, chimneys, interiors, exteriors, walls, under sheds, or other areas where unwanted bee colonies are established.  Don’t be tempted to try bee removal yourself. Bee removal in Fort Lauderdale is not the task of inexperienced hands. It requires skilled professionals with the right equipment for the proper removal of bee hives. As specialists, we will not take any chances when it comes to removing bee colonies from your property.

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